What’s One Media Studios been up to?

What’s One Media Studios been up to?

February 18, 2014 Featured Project 0


A lot we must start by saying. Unlike most companies the beginning of the year has been lots of fun for us at One Media Studios. It’s been a truck load of excitement. We’ve been working on a few clients jobs that has stretched our creativity. It has been exciting.

Working with FoodCo was as interesting as it can get. First we did their valentine campaigns with Billboards and A’ Frames. We started by sending in 10 proofs and different artworks based on their brief. After they went through the proofs they picked 2 out of the 10  and then gave us a fresh brief to build a new ad campaign based on the new message; their valentine happy hour promo. When we submitted the new designs they were so impressed, so excited and blown away by it. It was quite amazing.


We did a second job for FoodCo. It was for FoodCo Home Collections also billboards and A’ Frames. This one was just wow; they needed something that would show all a home needs and carry the message “Beautiful Homes” to be delivered within 24hours and we were able to deliver within 24hours. We were able to put out something that is really fantastic for them with the images and text sitting perfectly in the design. We sent them 3 proofs and they picked 1. We ensured that the whole design fits their brand colours which are green and yellow. It was totally awesome.


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