Turning Brilliant Ideas to Amazing Designs- The Art

Turning Brilliant Ideas to Amazing Designs- The Art

December 3, 2013 Brandplify 0

Hi guys welcome to our  blog! This is our first post *drum roll*.

We’ve finally joined the blog space and definitely we would be transforming what you thought was blogging to a whole new experience for you. It’s the One Media Studios Blog where we share amazing ideas, designs, pictures, videos and  our amazing creations. Get ready to be wowed!

Lets jump right into the topic of the week. Stay with us throughout this week on our different social media platforms, you will get what we can call a free tutorial on Turning Brilliant Ideas to Amazing Designs 

You shouldn’t be exactly grey with graphic designs and if you are, we got you covered. Graphic design simply put is the art or skill of combining text and images to depict the best impression or create an art while conveying the message properly.

So how can we turn that idea in your head into an image that blows your mind and anyone who cares to look?


  1. Idea and Creativity: Every great design is a result of a great idea and a sign of a level of creativity. Its what shows how much experience a designer has and how much he can play around his arrangement. There is little to what we can help you with here as experience and research is what is your knapsack content here. You need to have a concept in your head that you want to work with. This concept can be  easily represented first on paper while you begin to build from there.
  2. Have a focal point: How do you want your designs to depict the information to be conveyed? Via the text or the images? You need to make your pick early enough so that you can choose how to best represent it. The images and text can’t both be “loud ” at the same time. Make a choice. The font can be a great tool to form the imagery. Make your choice early. Its not all the time that images speak louder than words. 
  3. Research: Yea this is in the middle of all the points. Its the binder for that great design you are trying to do. This is where you make comparisons, where you gather all the necessary  text, images, background, brushes, logos e.t.c for your design. This is where you choose your colour scheme, your theme. This is where you compare what you want to do with international standards. Your level of research can determine how great your design is.
  4. Arrangement: You’ve gathered all what you need, its time to put those pieces together. Its time to locate your image where it doesn’t distract the text. Its time to use your focal points appropriately. Its time to solve a maze.For instance,a design that has texts should not be scattered,the texts should be well coupled into the design.In a way,it forms a rare part of the design.
  5. Space Management: This is about the concluding part of your work and arrangement.Your work doesn’t have to look too cumbersome and shouldn’t look scanty as well.Every text and graphics should fit perfectly well and look like a picture

The details in your design is of the essence, its what sells you, its what makes the difference in all you do. Share some of your great designs with us let’s see CRAZY!

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