Thinking of Starting a Business in 2015? Here’s What You MUST Know Before Starting Out

Thinking of Starting a Business in 2015? Here’s What You MUST Know Before Starting Out

December 8, 2014 Brandplify 0


Starting a venture can be a discouraging process if preventive measures are not taken. This post is out to serve as such measure.

If you live in Ibadan or its environs, it’s likely that you may have heard of Sunflower Home essentials. We are very excited to have interviewed Mrs. Kaothar Agbaje who is the Lead consultant and founder of this company. Sharing her experience with the youths is one way by which she gives back to the society. Listen up! the class already started:


One Media: Can we meet you ma?

Mrs Agbaje: My name is Kaothar Agbaje, Lead consultant Sunflower Home Essentials. We are also into total well-being.

Mrs Agbaje

One Media: What motivated you to start out?

Mrs Agbaje: Yea thanks for that question. I have always had this passion for repositioning things and creating ambience in the home. I mean taking something simple and fine-tuning it to make it look glamorous(see for yourself).

One Media: What were the challenges you faced when you started out?

Mrs Agbaje: I have always wanted a paid employment before I got married; changing that mindset was a challenge. I also got discouragement from friends.

One Media: So how did you get your first customer?

Mrs Agbaje: Business goes from known to unknown. People who you know will introduce you to others. So my first sets of customers were some of my friends. Another move I took early in business was that I made my office space stand out. It looked different and catchy; anybody passing will want to know about what’s going on in here. I did one-on-one advertisement too.

One Media: How will you rate your business?

Mrs Agbaje: I will say we are growing. Started with two office spaces and we have grown to five now

One Media: Asides Sunflower Home Essentials, are you involved in any other business?

Mrs Agbaje: No except for my home which is my place of primary assignment.

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One Media: How do you cope with home and office?

Mrs Agbaje: Everything in life is all about balancing. Allotting time for every aspect of one’s life is the key to increased productivity.

One Media: If you are not into this business, what else would you have been doing?

Mrs Agbaje: Probably a motivational speaker because I like inspiring people especially young children.

One Media: How do you go about your brand publicity?

Mrs Agbaje: Well, we do one-on-one advertising; send bulk SMS, do radio jingles etc. We also have referral cards, loyalty cards, privileged cards and so on which is where One Media Studios comes in.

One Media: What your advice for the youths?

Mrs Agbaje: Yes! This is the point I have been waiting for. My advice is that Youths out there should always be thinking of what they can do for their country and not just what the country can do for them. Think of how to be employers of labor.

One Media: What’s your advice for those who want to start home decoration business

Mrs Agbaje: Start with whatever you’ve got. Have a vision for life and be resilient.

One Media: Thanks for your time Mrs Agbaje. See you again soon.

Mrs Agbaje: It’s my pleasure.


There you have it. Every field has its leaders and we believe that the sole aim of leadership is to create more leaders. That’s why we deemed it fit to bring you this post. Your journey in life can be faster if you learn from the experiences of people that have gone ahead.


Thanks for reading this post.

To your success!

One Media Team

Are there more things you think we need to know before starting out in 2015? Feel free to share below


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