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“I wish i could eat this-Endy

Hi guys thanks for dropping by. Today we feature one of our recent jobs and share the experience of coming up with this amazing design with you. Did you ever imagine a flier would feel edible? Let us show you how we went about making this flier feel edible


It was a simple task the customer said; ” We need an amazing flier to properly portray our event.” He went on and on about how amazing the event would be and how people need to come in contact with  the event  from the point of holding the flier. He submitted the necessary data which mainly was the logo and the flier content.


As always, we went through the content and with this customer it was almost an epistle of text *whew*. We decided we could make this a “front and back flier”. Front and back comes with a lot of challenges. One major one includes the fact that most people don’t look at the back. So how do we go about making people  check the back for more info without including (P.T.O-Please Turn Over) which in the case of fliers would be very retarded. The trick was in the “most important first”.


Two major contents of the flier was the catch phrase and the games to be played at the event. The catch phrase was  -The day Chocolate never runs out. This flier needed to properly portray this and so we needed to put as many splashes of chocolate as necessary to the flier. With this we began the edible feeling.

choc_party_2013_flier top cropa lot of space management with content needed to be put in place so that we do not loose focus of the main content of the flier. We featured the catch phrase like this choc party back day croplike we said the design contained lots of text and we needed to show them all since to the client it was very relevantchoc_party_2013_crop middle We think we had the design killed when we had put the necessary  details with respect to images and text and here is what we had done finally. So here it is! The flier many would feel like eating.

Front Design

Front Design

Back Design

Back Design


It was way beyond words! We wish we had recorded videos clips of the wow faces people had on. Questions kept popping up on where the design was done. The flier had an amazing reception from people of all age categories. The funniest reaction we got from people was that they wanted to eat the fliers! – One Media Studios public correspondence

We definitely killed the clients requirements with this and they loved it!

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