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Special moments require special people. Special people deserve special invites and special invites go beyond the regular. For us this was an invite dear to our heart. We needed to make it very special for the couple coming together in a holy matrimony. We love weddings don’t you? A wedding is a lovely occassion. For some their wedding is the best moment of their life. The way a wedding invite is packaged can be a large reflection of the value you place on your guest. Quite a number of concepts are out there but nothing compares to an ancient concept turned modern. The scroll stands out as one of those concepts.

After we discussed the idea of a scroll with the couple they were elated though sceptical a bit about the scroll coming out as imagined, we promised to beat their imagination and that we did. Derin and Opeoluwa presented their guests with an invite you can’t possibly turn down. A well packaged scroll was given to every invited guest to grace the event. They were honoured to receive such an invite and yes the corresponding wedding gifts were equally complimentary.

Special_Invite OMS 2

Feel free to share with us some lovely invitations you might have gotten or seen.

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